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Curacao is a small and sunlit island slightly to the north of South America. Because of its tropical location on Curacao, all year it is sunny and pleasantly warm; the average annual temperature is between 28 and 30 degrees. In short, the perfect conditions for a wonderful holiday in your own luxurious villa, Seaview studio or holiday home ‘Lanais’. Known and loved for its sky-blue oceans and rustic beaches, it is heaven for lovers of the sun who are looking for a relaxing climate in fantastic surroundings. Placed in the middle of the island, directly at the Caribbean Sea, our resort Coral Estate is the perfect starting point to the hotspots of the islands. From there you can discover the whole islands and plan your exciting activities.

Diving and snorkeling

Curacao is one of the top diving and snorkeling destinations offering great opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Curacao has more than 60 diving spots, which makes it one of the world’s best destinations for divers. Directly at the resort Coral Estate you can find one of the most beautiful ones of the island, Rif St Marie with a breathtaking coral reef. The impressive underwater world offers many possibilities; you can view extraordinary coral gardens, but you can also take special diving trips such as wall diving and wreck diving. The scenery of the Caribbean Sea will amaze you and you can enjoy a visibility up to 30 meters. Other recommended diving spots in Curacao are for example Playa Kalki, also called Alice in Wonderland, with a breathtaking colorful reef. The Porto Marie, or ‘The Valley’ where you can swim together with turtles and nurse sharks. Visit the diving school Divers Republic in our resort and explore it by yourself.

Little Curacao

Around 10 kilometers away from the main island of Curacao, the 3 m² small island Little Curacao (Klein Curacao) is located. From the mainland daily boat tours are offered to explore this inhabited island. There you can find a true paradise with pristine white beaches in a nice contrast to the azure blue Caribbean Sea. The island is perfectly to find some peace, because despite an old ship wreck, some beach huts and a light house the small island offers only untouched nature. With an all-inclusive day trip, leaving at 7:00 am the big island you first will be greeted with a small breakfast and later you can enjoy a nice BBQ on the island. Around 6:00 pm you will depart again after a day full of relaxing. Boat tours are offered by The Mermaid or Miss Ann. Besides than relaxing in the sun you also can go for some nice snorkeling trips around the island.

Hidden beaches

For those who wish something more secluded and want to avoid the big crowds, Curacao has some perfectly hidden beaches. There you can enjoy privacy and fully unwind. The pristine white beaches and the blue water invites you for a nice snorkeling trip and getting some tan. You also can spot even turtles and manta rays. There are many beaches which are worth a visit and only a short distance from Coral Estate away. About a 30 minute drive from the resort and along the road to Westpoint you can find Playa Jeremi with its crystal clear water. A bit closer, about a 20 minute car drive you can relax at Boca Santa Cruz one of the favorites of the locals. Close to Boca Santa Cruz you also can find Playa Lagun, which are both located in the north-east of the island. Only 5 minutes away from Coral Estate Daai Booi which is perfectly for campfires and barbeques. In only 15 minutes by car you can relax at Cas Abou, known from the TV-series Bon Bini Beach.

Nature and wildlife

The natural surroundings of Curacao are also perfect for an exploration. Due to the climate the island offers some unique nature and wildlife! Explore tropical landscapes, flora and fauna and be mesmerized by tropical animals and colorful birds. A must see is the hidden flamingo lake directly at our resort. You can discover the area with an active hike and be stunned by the amazing nature of Rif St. Marie. Further the area is perfect to go on a mountain bike tour in and around the park. Mountain bike is the perfect way to get to know Curacao, especially the parts which are not reachable by car! Another fun way to discover the beauty of the island are jeep safaris.

Top 5 activities

Curacao has so much diversity to offer, for the relaxed beach lover as well as the active adventure seeker! Find here our top 5 activities you can do in the surroundings of the resort Coral Estate:

  1. Visit the Christoffelpark – the largest national park of Curacao. Here you can find local flora and fauna, perfect for nature lovers. The park is also perfect for some challenging hike trips to the top of the Christoffel Mountain. 
  2. Strolling through Willemstad – the historical harbor city will enchant you with its cultural richness and its diversity. The city has a lot to offer, for example the variety of shopping possibilities.
  3. Get lost in the Hato caves – within a 20 minutes car drive you can find the Hato caves, a limestone cave with a long history. Take a guided tour through the caves and learn the stories behind the stalactites and stalagmites. 
  4. Get the “wine experience” at the Curacao Winery – the first wine yard on Curacao, which has been opened in 2014. Take a tour through the wine yard, taste the first Curacao wine and relax with some tapas. 
  5. Learn about culture in the different museums – on Curacao you can find a lot of different museums where you can learn more about the interesting culture of the islands. Visit the “Curacao Museum” which gives insight in the multicultural background of the island as well as the western influences. Also the “Kura Hulanda Muesum” is worth a visit and will explain also more about the history of the island.